4th Tea Block


Natural Green Tea

Description :Natural Green tea is plucked from the early spring tea bush when flavour and quality are at their peak; the young leaves are gently steamed to create a distinctive taste.

Origin :China

Shoot Gun

Description :A Chinese speciality green tea, made by rolling tea leaves into small balls reminiscent of gunpowder pellets.A relatively strong green tea, with a brisk, grassy finish.

Origin :China

Ching Cheif Monkey

Description :A vibrant, Chinese green tea from the Yellow Mountains of Anhui province.The large, whole leaf is traditionally flattened using a wooden block wrapped in cloth, which leaves a small grid pattern on the tea leaves.The cup is bright and clear with a deliciously fresh and full flavour.
Origin :China

Refrishing Jasmine

Description :This tea is created by repeatedly placing fragrant night-flowering jasmine blossoms on fresh green tea. Its smooth floral flavour reflect its unique hand production.

Origin :China

Lemon Green

Description :Description

Origin :India


Lankan Tea

Description :Description

Origin :Origin