4th Tea Block


Pep Peppermint

Description :This herbal infusion is the perfect after-dinner drink.Almost spicy when first sipped, the pre-dominant flavour sensation is penetratingly minty, with a refreshingly clean aftertaste.

Origin :Produce of more than one country

Charming Chamomile

Description :With a reputation as old as the Pyramids for aiding sleep and relaxation, chamomile is perfect in the evening. Its infused flowers have a heady aroma of sweet hay and a floral, grassy flavour.

Origin :Europe

Yummy Mango & Strawberry

Description :A delicious blend of fruits that epitomise the summer time. Whole pieces of mango and strawberry combine to create a succulent drink with an intense summery aftertaste.

Origin :Produce of more than one country

Magical Hibiscus

Description :This blend of hibiscus, raisins, elderberries, blackcurrants and raspberries provides a fruity treat for those who favor the tartness of hibiscus.

Origin :Produce of more than one country

Hot Ginger & Leamon

Description :A classic combination of flavours, blending fresh lemon grass and ginger pieces.The infused leaf has the distinct clean fragrance of lemon with the refreshing tingle of spicy root ginger.

Origin :Europe


Energizing Tulsi Mint

Description :The Tulsi plant is native to India and is more commonly called ‘holy basil’ in the West.The sweet initial flavour of this blend leads to a piquant aftertaste of aloe vera and spearmint.

Origin :Produce of more than one country